Welcome to the Annual ACAP Conference

The ACAP Annual Conference brings together professionals, academics and students from diverse backgrounds with a common focus: post-secondary education of professionals, particularly in areas of social and health sciences. The conference theme for 2018 is

The Future of the Human Services Industry: Implications for Training and Practice

Economic and political changes over the last few decades have witnessed remarkable transformations to the human services industry across the globe. Contemporary human service delivery in Australia has also been impacted, characterised by complex structural arrangements which incorporate business principles including:

  • Reduced service delivery role for government
  • Privatisation, tightening of eligibility  and user pay principles
  • Managerialism, marketization and the introduction of performance and outcome measures which include efficiency, strategic planning and cost benefit analysis
  • Restructuring of service delivery and processes which have resulted in complex and fragmented service provision and contested notions as to ‘best practice’.

In Australia, there has simultaneously been increased awareness of the rights of individuals and communities and the need to effectively provide services to various groups. These developments encompass an awareness and commitment to the rights of the individual, First Nation Peoples and minorities and an increased need to provide services in various sectors including aged care, mental health and drug related areas. This has been accompanied by a heightened recognition of the need to move away from transactional service delivery to a transformational model. The combined effect of these changes and developments necessitate a different approach to service provision by human services industry professionals and innovative approaches to training graduates. The ACAP conference looks at the above developments and the implications for service provision and training.

The 2018 Conference will be held at the Australian College of Applied Psychology Sydney campus located in the heart of the bustling Sydney CBD on Monday 29th October. ACAP has a proud history of educating students with skills for making a difference, and the conference aims to bring together the ACAP learning community including students, academics and teaching staff, together with managers, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers from the broader community.